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Tom Foster

Tumblr Refugee. Also on Twitter @TomFost49194736 and NewTumbl as Posting the best I find on the net. Avatar is not me.

He's smiling because at the ripe age of 20 he finally lost his virginity. His anal virginity. To more than one of his squad mates.

I skipped the shower just like you wanted coach. Are you ready to congratulate me for the win?

Yes son I am.

Don't you think the other players will wonder where I am?

Not at all. Most of them have received my after game "congratulations" at one time or another.

Are we done Mr, Dickinson, can I leave now?

Boy, I'm feeling this relationship is a little one-sided. I mean I got you off and I got to eat your load, but I need to get off too.

So leave the hat on but turn around, face down and ass up. I've got a "little" something for you.

Dum dum, Dum dum, Ta Dah!

So Mr. Dickinson, I've been thinking I can do some other chores around here to make some extra money. You know college ain't cheap.

"Isn't cheap" Mario. I think we can come to some sort of agreement. Why don't you turn around so I can get a better look at what I'd be paying for. Good! Now how about a little taste too.

Finished with your workout son?

Yeah I'm all pumped up.

Well, not all of you. Let me do the rest.

You wanted to see me Sarge? Yeah private. It's come to my attention that you've butt-fucked nearly every member of the squad.

Yeah, that's true Sarge. They can't seem to get enough of this. Is it a problem?

Well it could be, if I make it one.

No Sarge don't do that. What do I need to do?

Bend me over son and do what you do best. Never forget Sarge son. I can do a lot for you and a lot to you.

Yes Sir!

Beautiful head on that thing. I want to run my tongue all around it.

The water's cold. Their cocks and balls will shrink and their holes will get tighter.

Meet us behind the dunes boys and we'll warm up your junk while we loosen those holes.

Sir has ordered that I am not to play with my cock, but he has said anything about you Puppy...

Dad said not to touch my cock, that only he can. He didn't say anything about my balls though. I've been this hard for hours. I hope he gets home soon to give me some relief.